Soldier Of Fortune

This is my Blog. It will now be used for Soldier Of Fortune. I am not an expert on this game but I am a dedicated fan so don’t be expecting anything other than my wanderings through the SOF community. Anyone who is interested in the other stuff that is slowly disappearing from here can catch up on my other blog at Ivan’s Corner



Left a similar post on Adrenaline Style’s SOF section but no reply as yet but I did notice that the most recent, apart from me, was 2008 so draw your own conclusion peeps. Had another quick look and there is no activity across the whole  site since 2008 except somebody asking if they were still around and they got 1 view and no reply. Two down and a few more to go 🙂 Nice intro to the site though.


Thought I’d do a bit of a tour through the links on the SOF Players Links page. I was curious to see how many were still playing SOF as this seems to be the longest set of Clan links I could find and I will stick a post up for each one as I get time to visit them.

So I’ll start with the first one . I went on their forum and a very nice one it is too, registered of course, and left a post asking if they still played SOF and I got an e-mail fairly qiuckly but unfortunately their clan leader said that although their roots were in SOF they had switched over completely to  COD. Thats one down and LOTS to go 🙂

CH Players Fun Server

Ch Fun Server is just what it says, it’s a no nonsense server where the only aim is to enjoy the game.  So if you want to go and have a good old fashioned blast give it a go. I don’t know a great deal about them but Princess and Suse are always very welcoming when I am on, to me and everyone else.

Most of the players who frequent the site are dedicated SOFers and like old school gaming. People like 50 Bellies, Slug, Doogie and lots more names long associated with the game. Again this is a version1 server so make sure you have V1 before you go on.

I would like to know a bit more about them so if somebody or even Suse or Princess would like to give me a bit more info I will update this post.The server ip is

I you need advice on how to get version 1 on your PC you will find instructions here

Axis 5000

If anyone remembers AXIS 3000 server and the Sat Nite piss ups run by Doogie, well they have been revived and are now on the AXIS5000 server being run by 50 Bellies. Don’t forget this is V1 so make sure you have it b4 you try to connect SOFII – VERSION 1.00 AXIS 5000 IP:
Details of how to get V1 can be found HERE

SOFIIPlayers Forum

Just read on SOFII Players message board that their forum is now open for registration.  SOFII Players a site that proudly waves the flag for Soldier Of Fortune. It is run by the infamous 50 Bellies and is frequently supported by the very knowledgeable Doogie. So give them a shout and stick yer oar in 🙂 .

The Letter

I found this in my archives I hope Mr Owl don’t mind me putting it on.


Somehow I know this is it…

This is going to be the run that will get the enemy defeated and their flag on our base. I know it… I can feel it. Adrenaline coursing through my veins… my heart racing likes a madman. All I can think about is the flag, the enemy’s flag. I envision myself running towards it, dodging bullets from all directions, jumping over exploding grenades and finally getting hold of the cold steel of the flagpole, gripping it with all the strength I have, shaking like a leaf from all the fear even the bravest of heroes would not be able to avoid.

But the vision blurs and the feel of my M4 and the sound of the tactical officer shouting orders in my ears against the sound of bombs going off and bullets impacting all around, slowly but surely draws me back to reality.

As the haze is lifted and the war-cries fill my ears I look to my left and see the frightened but determined face of a young soldier.

I know it’s Mole. I recognise him by the way he moves, by the way he smiles. I smile back but neither of us really knows why… We’ve been brothers in arms for what seems to be an eternity now. I see the tension in his eyes as I know it must be in mine as well.
We look at each other and we know that at this moment our lives are in each other’s hands.

I don’t remember who started running first but the next thing I remember is the sound of the snow under my feet and the branches of the trees brushing my face as we run past them.
I remember thinking this part of the battlefield looking so peacefully that it doesn’t make sense that Mole should be shouting and pointing so violently.

Then I spot the enemy soldier lifting his gun and aiming for my friend. In a reflex my training comes back to me and without thinking I lift my M4.
A little surprised by how slowly the world seems to move I see the curved trajectory of the M203… The grenade landing exactly on the head, as if it had a will of its own to land there, of what used to be an enemy only moments ago. A rain of blood and brains colour the snow-covered ground.
But I have no attention for that anymore as a ripping pain shoots through my body and in a split-second I know I’m hit.

Not understanding why I’m not panicking I fire another grenade, but the impact of more bullets on my arm make the grenade go wide and it misses its target completely. Then I see at least 2 or 3 enemy soldiers with a grin on their faces coming over the hill.

Realizing I will never make it to the flag I shout to Mole to run… RUUUUUNNNNN…
From the right corner of my eye I can see someone lifting an arm. One could be tempted to think he was only waving but I know the movement only too well…

All I can think of now is that the hand grenade mustn’t hurt my friend, my trusted Mole.
With the last bit of life I have left in me I jump…

Strange how a tiny metal ball can hurt so much when you land on it with your ribs, but in half a moment the pain is gone.

Relieved to finally be without pain I hear the shouts of my friend…
Laughing… I can’t stop laughing…
It’s silly I know but the sound of Moles voice makes me smile because I know he survived…
Thank Goodness… I didn’t die in vain…

Then the sound slowly drifts away as I get ready to start anew. Memory fades… and I find myself standing once again in our base with my fingers clutching the weapon at my side…

Isn’t it a great game? 8)

-=Garbage Owl=- / FlatLiner

All the Best Roger

I have a mate called Roger, some of you may know him as <<UK>>Jarvis. Well he has gone into hospital today in preperation for yet another operation to remove some cancer on what remains of his liver. He has always been a friend to me ever since we met and we speak regularly on MSN.

I could go on about how he has ill he has been and how well he has coped but he does it so much better himself.

So instead of a whole load of pretencious shite I just want to wish him GOOD LUCK and Karen his wife too.